Saturday, April 14, 2007

week 11

so these days, varun smiles a lot. He doesnt just smile, he responds to smiles. So for example when I am changing a diaper, i'm not really looking at him, but he will search out my face and give a huge grin - to which I can do nothing but respond.

He smiles a lot just before a poop. Sometimes it feels like he is trying to figure us out. His sleeping is still pretty erratic. Somenights he wakes up feeds and then goes down without a fuss, and other nights he stays awake for ever.

He is usually down by 7pm or 8pm at night, then wakes up at either 12am or 1am for a feed, goes to sleep and then wakes up at 3 or 4 and then 6 or 7. sometimes he takes forever to fall back to sleep after one of these feeds and that gets me extremely cranky.

I think he may be teething, i know it is still too early but he has been drooling, his sleep is all out of whack (that is he just wont nap for long anymore) and he likes to chew his arm, plus i see some white looking stuff in his gums. only time will tell if those are really teeth or something else.

the craziest is when he falls asleep in your arms and then he wont stay asleep when you put him down, this is a new thing. He used to nap well before and thats why i think it may be related to the teething thing. At 11 weeks (or 9 weeks corrected) he couldnt be going through any kind of growth spurt ( i think). I seem to feel that he is continuously havin a growth spurt and i havent even reached the 12 week mark which is supposed to be the worst (growth spurt).